Time to sort through your treasures?

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  • Yard equipment

Moving to a smaller space can be freeing. But letting go can be hard. We'll help you decide, declutter, donate, discard. We'll also help you find any other resources you might need for your move. You'll take just the right things with you to your new home. And your old home will look better and sell quicker!

Debbie’s Story

Downsizing often involves creating mult-purpose rooms. Debbie called because she needed to make better use of her craft room. An avid crafter, Debbie works with every imaginable medium: flowers, decoupage, beading, sewing, knitting and more! She completes beautiful projects for friends and family. However, her creativity causes her to see potential in everything, which leads to too many projects.

We helped Debbie decide which crafts deserve her full attention, and which could be eliminated or paired down. Any supplies she chose not to keep went to a retirement community for their craft room, or to a preschool for art projects. (She was delighted to hear that her artificial flowers later came home with our kids!) Now her craft room works for her, and she is able to use the space for guests who come to visit.

“Hi, what a great day. I am so thrilled with all you did! And I am especially thankful for the way you have inspired  me to get these tasks done. In fact I could not help myself -- just had to finish the basement closet. It is hardly full! Also  put away the rest of the things in the bedroom so both basement family room and bedroom are all straight and tidy.”

M.R.C., Alexandria, VA

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