It’s a fact: staged homes sell faster for more money.

  • Walk-Through Consult
  • Declutter & Prepack
  • Rearrange & Enhance
  • Furnish Empty Spaces 

Now more than ever a house on the market must show well. Buyers’ taste is influenced by HGTV and makeover shows. And their expectations are high. Our affordable staging services can make the difference between a house that sells and one that lingers on the market, fetching a mediocre price. With an interior designer on staff, we can provide consultative assessments as well as hands-on staging.

Our Staging Story

Okay we admit it…we “staged” these photos! We were doing a presentation about getting your house ready to sell, and we wanted photos to illustrate a very important staging concept. Though you may live with your sofa planted in front of the TV, the rules are different when your house is on the market.

A room should appear open and uncluttered to a buyer. These pictures show how the sofa blocks entry to the room and obscures the fireplace when it’s in front of the TV. By moving the sofa to the wall, the room opens up, making it seem both larger and more inviting. So Caitlin, keep your sofa on the wall!”

Last night I slept long and well... for the first time in three weeks. In addition to relieving my "volume problem," you've relieved my stress. I'm so grateful for all you do for me!” 

One big last thank you for taking such good care of me. Honestly could not make this move without A Sorted Affair.  

P.K., Reston, VA 
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